Our Church Projects




  • Repairs to roof after lead theft of May 2019 - now complete
  • Repairs to tower clockYou may have noticed that the village clock on the church tower has stopped at 2.45pm! Not only that but the bell no longer tolls the hours. The electric motor that runs it dates from the mid 50’s and appears to have given up.

    This replaced a giant clockwork mechanism which you can still see displayed in a case in the church. Clocks for public buildings need specialists and we have called on Smiths of Derby to come and assess the damage or replace it! They will also look at at the face of the clock to assess what needs doing as the numbers and hands are dirty and the gold paint has faded over the years.

    The engineers at Smith's are currently not doing site visits and so we don't know when the clock survey will be done or what it will cost. As soon as we have this information another message will be posted. So watch this space if you would like to go down in history as someone who paid towards the cost of a the repairs to the face and a new motor to get the clock working again.

    Once the repairs are completed we will be offering a free trip up to the top of the tower for anyone who donates towards the cost with tea and cakes afterwards. Anyone else would also be welcome to climb the tower for a small fee. All tours are fully escorted. Children must be at least primary school age due to the amount of steps to be climbed. There are fantastic views of the village and beyond once you get to the top.

    Click here to see Smith's of Derby website. https://www.smithofderby.com/

  • New heating system - grants are being sought to help towards the cost. Quotations received for the work. We hope work will start spring 2021
  • Removal of asbestos flue from old boiler - quotation received and accepted. Work will start next spring in conjunction with the boiler replacement.
  • Stained glass in porch - some of the pale green glass in the porch needs to be repaired and some panes replaced - a quote will be sought from Lincolnshire Stained Glass Stuidios who have done work on Quadring and Clough Parish Churches. Possibly 2021.
  • Replace flooring in church hall - this is the original flooring from when the hall was built in 1995/6 and is now wearing in lots of places and needs replacing. This will be done in 2021.
  • Replacement of some areas of stone flooring - our architect has surveyed the floor and taken photos. We will contact him again to start this project once the heating has been upgraded. Possibly 2022. 
  • Replace kitchen in church hall - quotations to be done and grants to be sought from the local authority and others. Possibly 2023
  • Stained glass windows in church to be surveyed, stabilised where necessary, cleaned and repaired. Possibly 2023
  • South pew platform to be replaced - this will match the new north pew platform. Possibly 2023



  • Install water main from road to church - permission has been granted. The fee to Anglian Water has been paid and a quote received for the cost of connecting this. The community workforce team will be digging the trench for the water main. We are hopeful that this will be completed before the end of 2020 
  • build kitchen and disabled toilet inside the church - architects plans completed and approved. Grants received to cover some of the cost. A local appeal will be done once restrictions have lifted to try and raise the remaining amount needed to get this started.



  • Works completed recently - interior of the church complete redecorated, Clough Angels restored to their Golden Glory thanks to the BBC program @The Repair Shop'. Trees cut down around the church so it is more visible.
  • Exterior of the church to be cleaned and painted. All timbers to be treated. Date to be discussed.


For further information about any of these projects, please contact Debbie at the Vicarage on 01775 840694.


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