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Welcome to the home page for our group of parish churches. 

We want to serve God together through his Son Jesus Christ, and to be a positive loving and praying fellowship of people at the heart of our rural community.

We extend a warm welcome to you to come and meet us and be part of this and help us grow.

We welcome people of all ages and invite you to come and meet us and perhaps share your own hopes and dreams. We particularly want to connect more and more with people in our community and to be part of healthy and growing churches.

We are a united parish which includes St Peter & St Paul's Gosberton, St Margaret's Quadring and St Gilbert & St Hugh's Gosberton Clough. 

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St Peter & St Paul's Church, Gosberton
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St Margaret's Church, Quadring
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St Gilbert & St Hugh's Church, Gosberton Clough
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Most of the time at church we are like a big happy family. However even in very happy families people can have a bad day and even people we know and trust can upset us. We want to help everyone have good days all of the time. We try to make sure that people who have jobs in the church always behave well and in a way that is helpful to you. We never want anyone or anything in church to frighten you, confuse you or worry you. It is important that you tell us if something is upsetting you or if you are feeling worried about something that's happening or something somebody is doing. We have specially trained people who you can talk to and who you can ask for help. These people are good at safeguarding. This means they look after everyone's safety. Caring for people is a very important part of our Christian life.

The people who can help you are the Parish Safeguarding Officer, Debbie Reynolds, who can be contacted on 07803 875638 or the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor, Jack Redeyoff on 01522 504080/81.

There is also information on the link below about other places from where you can get help or advice.




Gosberton Group of Churches is part of
The Lincoln Diocesan Trust & Board of Finance Ltd.

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