Quadring Parish Council minutes

A Meeting of Quadring Parish Council was held on Monday  16th March 2020
under the Chairmanship of Coun M Clifft.

It was decided to leave Defribrillator training till later as the Clerk was unable to find anyone to do this.  He had been quoted £350 for a maximum of 12 people from the St John's Ambulance.

Any VE day celebrations probably would not take place owing to the virus scare.  Of 37 District Councillors, 0 were over the age of 70, but all had been advised to isolate. 

The new dog bins been erected and should now be emptied weekly, after the Clerk had informed the SHDC of their whereabouts.

The Clerk had received a complaint about speed of vehicles by the School and enquired if it were possible to restrict the speed to 20 mph. The Council were told that there were over 200 other applications in the pipeline for similar speed restrictions. A request was to be made to the LCC asking if they could prioritise this; the School have already asked.  Several people have been contacted about their speed here and through the village, with visits from the Police and letters from Speed Watch.

Nothing further had been heard about the College bus service. Two pupils had been into the Transport Office at Brylaines and had been told that they would have to get off at Donington. The Clerk was to keep contacting them about this.

The footpath bridge from Watergate to the School had been reported. Bedford Bridge had been repaired and the LCC were complimented about this.

The Clerk reported that he had given up the books for the Unknown Donors Estate, but two extra Trustees were needed. Coun Bingham and Beehoo volunteered and the Clerk was to forward this.

As all Meetings were to be put on the back burner, any vital information, i.e. plans etc., were to be forwarded by the Clerk to all Councillors. There were various organisations being set up to help any needy people during this crisis, and it was agreed unanimously to use any spare Parish Funds to help out if necessary.

Coun Growcock was in contact with the SHDC about them taking over the Playing Field for building. The SHDC were to supply the Parish Council with an alternative piece of land and put all new equipment on it FOC. This land may also include a football pitch.

Coun Rycroft-Jones had attended a meeting regarding the Transparency Code. The Council would have to set up a website and the Clerk was to attend a meeting regarding this to get full details as it had to be GDPR compliant and the website used at the moment did not.

Fly tipping had occurred down South Drove and was to be reported.

The next meeting dates will be published as soon as possible.

To be confirmed:
June 8th
July 20th
August 24th
September 28th
November 9th
December 21st

February 1st

All dates are provisional and could be subject to alteration by prior arrangement.


M V Stacey (Clerk to Quadring Parish Council).
Towndam Lane,
Nr Spalding,
PE11 4TR

Tel: 07708 483621

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