Friends of Gosberton Church

We hope to formally launch Friends of Gosberton Church. We know from visitors to church  and from enquiries that many people who live in and a long way from the parish have a great interest in the building itself and might welcome a formal contact with it.

We want to ensure that this wonderful historic medieval building situated at the centre of the community can be available for all to enjoy both now and in generations to come. We meet a number of people every year from other parts of the UK and from overseas who have a family link with the church and have a general interest in its history. Our plan is to offer foundation life membership to all those who would like to be a member from the launch date. Life membership or annual membership will be offered to others.

If you would like to know more please refer to the other pages of this website (especially history & family tree research) or go to our 'contact phone number etc' page.



Gosberton Group of Churches is part of
The Lincoln Diocesan Trust & Board of Finance Ltd.

Registered charity number 249355

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