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When a person took over the “controls” from another in my days as a pilot they said, “I have control,” to confirm who was responsible for the aircraft’s safety. Laws give control and order that all can live by. We know some countries abuse this by over restricting people’s freedoms. Some think that church is a form of controlling people’s lives. It shouldn’t be – it certainly isn’t for me. Jesus really did say he came to set people free. Many people do have a problem due to a closed heart – perhaps they were terribly hurt by abuse (in the widest sense) by others and decided not to trust anyone. Some have minds made up so firmly on issues that they get angry if we question them. To follow Christ does not mean obeying rules against your will, but opening heart and mind to his teaching and deciding to trust all he said he was and stood for. This is true freedom – no longer pushed around by the world or others, but finding true peace in someone we trust.  Ian


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Spiritual Well Being as a key to good health and a positive life.  A  daytime series of sessions beginning soon.   Groups of 3 to 8. Phone 840694 for information. 

Remembering those who need help:
If you know of anyone in our community in need of help or who would appreciate  prayers for healing or encouragement, or simply a visit, whatever their circumstances, please contact Ian the Vicar on 840694 or email: vicar(AT - use the usual symbol)



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